3 Types Of Roof Surveys We Offer

Here at Roofing Consultants we specialise in providing the highest quality commercial and industrial roof surveys and diagnostics, throughout the North West and all of the UK. Our years of training and experience can allow us to carry out roof surveys quickly and effectively, whilst providing a fee quote on any repairs that may be required.

With this in mind we wanted to highlight 3 types of professional roof surveys that we could carry out on your commercial or industrial roof…


Thermal Roof Surveys

This type of roof survey utilises infrared technology to accurately identify anomalies within the commercial or industrial roofing system. Any area of concern can be quickly highlighted, using this non-destructive roof diagnostic tool.

The technology allows for the fast detection and location of any wet roofing areas, and can pinpoint any leaks with high accuracy and efficiency, making this roof survey method extremely beneficial for commercial and industrial roofs.

Thermal roof surveys can easily detect any potentially hazardous roof issue, which could become increasingly dangerous to the whole building down the line.


Asbestos Testing

Our professional PASMA trained commercial and industrial roofing specialists make sure to take careful samples of any asbestos from the roof. Then they transfer them in sealed containers to our certified testing partners.

Throughout the testing procedure, we will make sure that any suspected areas are made safe and weatherproofed, to ensure any contamination is avoided. Any potential risk to the wider public is limited by reducing the level of fibrous asbestos particles in the air.

Once the asbestos testing has been completed, and you’ve been notified of the results, our commercial and industrial roofing specialists will provide advice on how to resolve any highlighted problems. These can often be treated with effective asbestos overcladding.


Drone Roof Surveys

Drone roof surveys are extremely useful for extensively analysing any areas of a commercial or industrial roofing system, which would’ve been inaccessible or unsafe to view using traditional methods.

They can be ideal for older properties or those that reach considerable heights, as the drone can quickly scan the roof and locate the source of any issue. A drone survey is simple, straightforward and negates the need to spend valuable time erecting ladders, scaffolding or viewing platforms.

As another plus point, the entire roof survey can be recorded by the drone from start to finish, so that any footage can be thoroughly evaluated for complete peace of mind.

As well as the 3 roof surveys we’ve highlighted, our accredited commercial and industrial contractors at Roofing Consultants, can carry out a wide range of roof surveys and diagnostics to make sure your roofing system is up to scratch.

Please contact us today to discuss the roof survey that’s right for you.