Asbestos Testing

Working in partnership with a specialist lab, Roofing Consultants can take asbestos samples from site and complete testing

What is asbestos testing

Since the 1950’s, and up until the 1990’s, asbestos, a naturally occurring material compiled of thing, fibrous layers, was regularly used a method of building insulation.

After it was discovered that asbestos has strong links to a number of fatal lung diseases, asbestos was banned in the UK  before the year 2000 as a legitimate building material. However, buildings built before this date are still likely to feature asbestos within their wall and roof linings.

Coming into contact with loosened asbestos must always be avoided, and professional help must be sought  so that the particles can tested by a certified specialist to ensure that the risks to the wider public are limited.

Asbestos Testing

Testing for asbestos

After contacting a professional asbestos specialist, it’s important to ensure that the area is closed for public access and any air conditioning or heating systems that circulate air are also stopped. It’s likely that asbestos particles floating in the air could cause further issues if activity was to continue.

Throughout the asbestos testing procedure, our professional, PASMA trained specialists will ensure that the following is undertaken:

-Work carefully and concisely to remove asbestos samples from your commercial site

-Transfer asbestos samples in sealed containers to our specialist, certified partners

-Make safe and weatherproof suspected areas

-Limit potential risks to wider public by reducing the level of fibrous asbestos particles in the air

Asbestos Testing

Feel rest assured with roofing consultants

After the asbestos roof survey has been completed, we’ll ensure that you are notified of the results at the first available opportunity. We’ll also provide you with advice on how to resolve any highlighted issues. Essentially, it can often be treated with overcladding asbestos roofs that involves attaching metal or plastic sheets to undisturbed asbestos areas to make them safe. Asbestos removal and repair are two other options that are also worth considering.

Don’t let the threat of asbestos damage or cause your business serious legal issues. Contact one of our fully trained consultants today and book your free site survey on: 0800 046 1500

Asbestos Testing