3 Roof Refurbishments Our Cladding Contractors Worked on in The North West

At Roofing Consultants, our cladding contractors have years of experience working on successfully commercial roofing and industrial roofing projects in the North West, and have carried out professional roof refurbishments for many clients.

Cladding North West services are what we do best and we can also bring our award winning work to any project in the UK. Hence why we’ve built up an extensive portfolio of past projects  over the years.

So, here’s 3 more successful roof refurbishment projects our cladding contractors have worked on in the North West…


Business Park Roof Refurbishment

Our cladding and roofing contractors in the North West were tasked with completing an extensive roofing survey at the Taylor Business Park in Warrington. We needed to carry out a new solar panel installation on a commercial roofing system. Our contractors identified a pitched asbestos cement roofed building as the ideal location to install the solar panel system.

Unfortunately, our roofing contractors also identified how badly aged and deteriorated the asbestos roof sheeting was. The answer was to refurbish the commercial roofing system with a new steel cladding insulated roof build-up. So that the roof would last the length of the Solar PV scheme of 25 years and still be easily accessible for maintenance without having to disconnect the system.


A recommended new steel cladding insulated roof build-up was then retro fitted over the existing roof covering. This included the installation of a steel ashgrid spacer system, together with fibre insulation and a new 0.7mm sheet for the outer roof. The result was a successful commercial roofing North West project, which included a new roof guaranteed for 25 years, that would provide a safe roof substrate for future maintenance, and a solar PV system to generate and maximise the UK FiT tariff.


Data Centre Roof Refurbishment

Leeds was the setting for another one of our North West commercial roofing projects, where our contractors needed to carry out a complex roof installation. The project required the removal of an old asbestos cement roof covering and wall cladding.

Our roofing contractors are highly experienced when it comes providing removal works with minimal disruption to businesses in the North West and throughout the UK. So, utilising this experience, our contractors erected a temporary roof covering above the roof structure, whilst the removal of the asbestos took place.

A new kingspan trapezoidal roof sheeting and kingspan microrib panel, with an integrated louvre system, were then installed to replace the roof covering and wall cladding respectively. Our contractors also installed a new felt roofing system to the lower level flat roof, amongst other improvements. A 25 year warranty was applied to the entire commercial roofing project.


Manufacturing Building Roof Refurbishment

This time our cladding north west services were required to tackle an asbestos cement sheet roof covering on an older building, which also had a rooflight arrangement. The roof covering was in particularly poor condition, with water ingress in areas.

Our cladding contractors determined that the roof covering was beyond economic repair and needed to be completely replaced, along with the building fabric as a whole. They also found that the wall cladding had become fractured and damaged over the years and needed replacing as well.

After safely removing and disposing of the asbestos cement roof covering, our roofing contractors provided the client with a certificate of disposal, and the asbestos wall cladding was also safely removed. Once work was completed, the wall cladding had been replaced with a twin skin insulated system. The roof had a new 0.7mm liner panel installed, with an ashgrid spacer system, a quilt insulation, an outer roof sheet and outer skin rooflight panels.

For more information on these North West projects or any of our other successful projects throughout the UK, you can check out our case studies section.

These are just a few examples of the services that our cladding contractors can provide, and we’re always proud to support our clients when it comes to large or small scale commercial roofing or industrial roofing projects.

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