3 types of industrial roofing surveys we can carry out

At Roofing Consultants, we’ve spent over a decade honing our experience and expertise to deliver a wide range of industrial roofing surveys and diagnostics to our clients. Unfortunately, when it comes to industrial roofing, there are many issues that can arise. If these are left unchecked, it can lead to more costly repairs later down the line.

By getting experienced roofing contractors to carry out a proper survey you can spot the problem and deal with it quickly, before things become a lot more expensive to fix. 

We’ve carried out comprehensive surveys in the North West and throughout the whole of the UK. And our team has the knowledge to handle any repairs, quickly and effectively if necessary. Of course all surveys that we carry out on industrial roofing systems come with a free transparent quote. Meaning if any work needs to be done, you’ll know exactly what that work is.

We offer many industrial roofing surveys but here’s 3 of the most popular, in no particular order…

1 – Drone surveys

A relatively new type of industrial roof survey that has continued to increase in popularity, drone roof inspections are extremely useful for being able to analyse areas that are inaccessible to roofing contractors. 

If there are areas on your industrial roofing system that are risky and unsafe to get to, and therefore can’t be adequately serviced using more traditional roof surveying methods, a drone can have you covered. Drone technology is ideal for carrying out comprehensive checks in difficult areas and can particularly benefit older buildings that have great heights.

2 – Moisture scan inspections

If you need to be able to detect trapped moisture within your industrial roofing system, we offer moisture scanning, which is very effective at doing just that. This type of roofing survey is a completely non-destructive method for finding moisture. We utilise the latest scanning technology to carry out moisture scanning, which involves low-frequency electrodes that can measure the moisture content in your roof with pinpoint accuracy.

3 – Thermal roof surveys

Any industrial roof can unfortunately be at risk when it comes to developing water leaks. Thankfully, thermal roof surveys can utilise the latest infrared technology to detect any leaks early before they become much more problematic and costly. 

These types of surveys are also non-destructive and can be carried out by roofing contractors to identify any anomalies and highlight any defective roof areas, as well as pinpoint any potentially dangerous faults. It can be most effective to use this type of survey on a flat roof surface, as it can work to locate any trapped moisture within the roof membrane.

There are plenty more options when it comes to our roof surveys and diagnostics, check them out to find the best survey solution for your roofing system.

You can get a completely free survey with us today, or simply contact us at Roofing Consultants for more information.