5 Benefits Of Installing A Green Roof

There are many ways you can spruce up a building, with a green roof being one of the most environmentally stable options. A green roof is a living installation, featuring all kinds of plants over a waterproof membrane. While all green roofs serve a similar function, each one is unique and offers plenty of creativity.

Having a green roof comes with several benefits, such as being associated with BREEAM ratings. The Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method is used to rate a structure’s environmental performance. There are different BREEAM schemes for different buildings, ranging from offices to retail. Here are five benefits to installing a green roof.

Energy Efficient

Green roofs have shown to be energy efficient in all kinds of weather. During summer, a green roof protects a building from solar heat and in winter it minimises heat loss through increased insulation. As less energy is expended, you’ll be able to save a lot of money. This also translates to producing less greenhouse gas emissions, making green roofs better for the environment.

A Haven for Wildlife

Green roofs can serve as the perfect refuge for animals who’re struggling to survive. Birds such as Killdeer use green roofs for nesting and raising their young. Vegetated rooftop habitats are also useful for acting as stepping stones between other rooftop habitats.

Water Protection

The plants on a green roof act as a protective covering for your roof’s waterproof system. Not only will the waterproofing be protected from rain and UV radiation, the exposure will increase the life of the plants. This also means that the membrane underneath the green roof is likely to last twice as long as those beneath traditional roofs.

Flood Reduction

When it rains heavily, surface runoff can become an issue if it has nowhere to go. A green roof will reduce runoff, due to the plant life absorbing rainwater. Compared to a flat, urban, surface, this is a more effective way of solving a drainage problem. The plants will return moisture to the atmosphere through evaporation.

It’s believed a green roof will retain around 35% of yearly rainfall. As a result, the water that runs off a green roof is cleaner than runoff from a traditional roof.

Can be Combined With Solar Panels

If you combine solar panels with a green roof, then you’ll see an increase in performance. Having plants on the roof will stop the solar panels from overheating, which has been shown to reduce their energy production.

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