An Overview Of Green Roof Construction

What is green roof construction?

Green roof construction is a type of commercial roofing system that is eco-friendly, energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing. Green roof systems are not a new invention and have been used for years. In hot countries they help to keep buildings cool and in colder climates, green roofs help to insulate buildings, keeping the heat in.


Which types of roofs are suitable for green roof construction

Green roofs are great because they can be created on different types of roofs. Roofs that are wooden, metal or concrete are all appropriate substructures that can be used to create green roofs.

It is not only traditional flat roofs that are suitable for green roof construction. Because of advances in technology, shed roofs, barrel roofs and saddle roofs can be used with green roof construction.

Whilst sloped roofs can be used with green roof construction, those that have a slope of more than 45° are normally not suitable for a green roof systems.


Benefits of installing a green roof

Energy Efficient

One of the most important benefits of green roof construction is that they are energy efficient. This not only reduces energy bills for businesses but reduces the negative impact on the environment.

A Wildlife Haven

Green roofs have been known to house animals such as birds, providing a safe and supportive habitat for struggling animals. They can provide shelter and a safe breeding ground which can help sustain wildlife populations.

Increased Water Protection

Many roof problems stem from the building’s waterproof system. Green roofs add an extra layer of protection for these systems, reducing the effects of rain and UV radiation. So, a green roof installation can actually prolong the lifespan of a waterproof membrane.

Flood Reduction

A green roof contains plant life so it absorbs rainwater. This reduces water runoff which in turn reduced the likelihood of flooding. The plants then return the water back into the atmosphere through evaporation.


Examples of great green roof construction

There are some excellent examples of green roof systems already in place, all over the world. Some of our favourite green roof systems include:

  • Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  • The Atrium, Brooklyn Botanical Garden, New York, USA
  • Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver, Canada
  • Kensington Roof Garden, London, UK
  • The Rockefeller Centre, New York, USA

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