Check Out Our New Flat Roof Surveying Device!

The team here at Roofing Consultants Group are extremely happy to introduce our latest addition to our survey device collection – the Dec Scanner. This non-destructive scanner has been designed to carry out instant surveying of moisture conditions on commercial rooftops. The Dec Scanner detects and analyses the amount of moisture within a roofing environment by measuring the electrical impedance.

How Does the Dec Scanner Work?

In this process, one of two electrodes incorporated into the rubber electrode mat sends a low frequency electronic signal that is transmitted into the material being tested. The second electrode receives the signal back and examines the strength of it, which will vary depending on the amount of moisture in the material. The device will determine the strength of the current and then convert this into a comparative moisture-content value.

How to use the Dec Scanner

To obtain a continuous and accurate reading, the Dec Scanner should be moved across a roof surface in a regular pattern. This way any areas containing moisture can be easily and readily identified. As the device is placed on four rubber wheels, maneuverability is fairly straightforward and easy to handle.

Data Handling

With your continuous moisture condition readings you can create an accurate moisture map, allowing you to identify exactly where there are areas for concern and potential leaks can be traced to their source. Here at Roofing Consultants Group our DecScan service if supported by a complete photographic roof condition report, moisture map and a breakdown of rates for all the recommendations highlighted in the report.

As with all of our services, our DecScan moisture scanning service is backed up by our fleet of high level access machines; so we can provide a full turnkey roof surveying package to all of our clients. Call our team on 0800 046 1500 for more information.