Commercial Solar Panel Installation: Project Overview

With increased awareness on the negative effects of burning fossil fuels for energy has on the planet, an increasing amount of people are turning to renewable sources of energy to power homes. Along with this, commercial solar panel installation has taken off massively in recent years with businesses, schools and even hospitals looking to solar energy.

Solar Panel Installation for Primary School

This is exactly what Colchester based primary school Home Farm decided to do. Enlisting our specialist services for a major commercial solar panel installation project to give power to the pupils!

With our unique Solar PV leasing scheme, which enables schools to lease the solar panels from Roofing Consultants under an agreement. Schools are now able to receive Solar PV with no major capital spend and Home Farm were one of the first to benefit from the scheme.

Under the agreement, the school are leasing the 200 panels fitted at no upfront cost, over a 7 year plan. Before taking ownership of the system entirely in 7 years, leaving the school to benefit from all the electricity savings along with payments from the Feed in Tariff.


As you probably know, solar panels installed on a roof work by capturing energy from the sun. And the potential benefits of commercial solar panels are in abundance. Not only is solar energy one of the cleanest energy sources, but places utilising solar energy have the potential to slash electricity bills by as much as 40%.

Here’s what business manager of the school C Stammers had to stay about the benefits, some of which they’re already starting to see: “we expect to save hundreds of thousands of pounds over the course of the life of the installation. It has green benefits and financial benefits, and we have also had really positive feedback from parents.

The school is using 100 per cent of the power generated from the outset, allowing it to make significant savings on its electricity bill. The school is also playing their part in combating climate change by reducing their carbon footprint.”

The system will generate 44,000 kWh per annum. The school currently uses 110,368 kWh per annum. Business Manager C Stammers said: “The solar PV system was a zero investment for us so it was a very easy decision.

If you’d like more information on solar panel installation, our scheme, or the benefits of solar panels for your business. Get in touch with the team today.