Different Types of Commercial Roofing Available

Commercial roofing requires the experience and expertise of a professional roofing contractor. And here at Roofing Consultants Group, we can carry out a wide range of commercial roofing projects in the North West, and throughout the UK. Along with an outstanding level of customer service that keeps clients returning to us.

From asbestos overcladding to slating and tiling, we are leaders in the commercial roofing industry, and we always aim to tailor each project to fit the individual needs of your business. Approaching projects in a completely unique way, whilst still retaining our knowledge and experience from every past project we’ve completed. 

So, here’s a more succinct rundown of some of the types of commercial roofing and industrial roofing services we offer at Roofing Consultants… 

Asbestos overcladding

Asbestos overcladding is one of the most cost effective commercial roofing and industrial roofing processes, which brings minimal disruption to the site. It helps to drastically reduce the cost of disposing of any existing asbestos roof sheeting, which must be sent to a licensed landfill.

The process also allows for the new roofing scheme to be insulated to current warm roof regulations, making your building more thermal efficient. Plus, any existing or new outer rooflights can be renewed in order to fully maximise natural daylight within the building.

Commercial roof cladding

No matter where your business is based, our roofing contractors can install bespoke roof and wall cladding systems on your next project, to suit your individual industrial roofing or commercial roofing requirements.  

Roof cladding is hugely important, as not only can it give the building an aesthetically enhancing finishing touch, it can also make it more secure. Generally speaking, roof cladding is the layer of material that makes up the external surface of the roof, protecting it from the effects of weather. 

By choosing an experienced roofing contractor with Roofing Consultants Group to carry out your cladding, you’ll get an exceptional service to fit your budget. We offer roof cladding solutions in a variety of different materials, including wood, plastic, and imitation stone. 

We also install a wide range of metal cladding systems, using various types of steel, copper, aluminium and other metals. Our materials are suitable for a wide range of applications, such as industrial warehouses, school, retail units and more. 

Felt roofing systems

Felt roofing systems are available in both traditional torch applied and fully cold applied versions. And we can install a number of market leading felt roofing systems in both APAO, APP and SBS materials. 

When installed by an experienced roofing contractor, felt roofing systems are fuss free and incredibly easy to apply. On the rare case that repairs are needed, these can be carried out quickly and efficiently. A felt roofing system is also known for its long lasting strength and durability. It’s not effected by UV rays or hot sunlight and can equally protect the roof against wind and rain, as well as being resistant to tears and leaks. 

Liquid applied roofing

Liquid applied roofing comes with many benefits that can make it a superior alternative to other roof membrane materials. This type of commercial roofing offers a seamless waterproof membrane, which is joint-free for total water resistance. Because it’s a liquid, it can be readily applied to any detail on the roofing system. It’s also a cold-applied process, which helps to eliminate the hazards and inconvenience of using hot applied systems. 

Whether you’re looking for liquid roofing repair or replacement, we have a wealth of experience in applying liquid roofing to commercial properties. Our experts commercial roofing and industrial roofing contractors can install a range of liquid applied roofing systems in Polyurethane and PMMA compositions. All of which are long-lasting and easy to maintain. 

Single-ply membrane roofing

Single ply roofing is also an extremely cost effective roof overlay solution, which is ideal for refurbishing an existing flat commercial roofing or industrial roofing system. They are available in PVC, TPO, EPDM and elastomeric felt and can be mechanically fixed, torch applied or adhered to provide a long-term watertight solution.

This type of roofing has become an increasingly popular flat roof covering in recent years, thanks to its flexible usage in a variety of situations and environments. A single ply membrane roof is essentially comprised of flexible sheets of synthetic polymer, which can be divided into thermoplastics and synthetic rubber. It’s 100% UV resistant, fire resistant and self-extinguishing, plus it provides protection against the weather and most extreme temperatures when applied with a hot air weld.

These are just some examples of the types of commercial roofing and industrial roofing  services we can provide. To see how our roofing contractors can help, you can take advantage of our free site survey today. 

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