How An Aluminium Facade Installation Can Work For Your Building

Roofing Consultants have a proven track record of  success working on various commercial roofing and industrial roofing projects throughout the North West and the rest of the UK. If you check out our case studies, you’ll come across our work with Wickes and their retail unit.

The building was in need of an image revamp, to get it looking more modern. They had already considered a spray applied coating to the existing detail. But considering this wouldn’t have lasted long at all, our experiences roofing contractors recommended a specialist aluminium facade installation.

This was successfully installed over the original detail, as a cost-effective solution that provided a much more modern aesthetic look to the building. We wanted to point out how an aluminium facade installation can also work for your building too…


An aluminium facade installation is suitable for most types of commercial and industrial roofing systems and buildings. Aluminum facade panels can be used almost anywhere in a building project, either to replace existing wall cladding like concrete, or to cover specific portions of the building; adding contrast to the surrounding materials and creating a focal point.


If you’re after that perfect sleek, modern look and design, then an aluminium facade installation can certainly provide it. Some of today’s most innovative building designs make use of this unique, aesthetically pleasing look. The design can also add exciting accents or focal points to your building.


Metals panels like an aluminium facade contain at least some post-consumer recycled content, which makes them very environmentally-friendly. Also, aluminium is a common metal that is easily recyclable when it eventually needs to be replaced. All of this helps to reduce your carbon footprint.


An aluminium facade installation is extremely durable when used on the exterior of the building, for example on wall cladding. It can provide a strong surface, which won’t be damaged easily by any impact from things such as hail or debris. Because the facade is also resistant to water damage and corrosion, it requires little to no maintenance, providing longevity to your more modern looking building.

These are just a few of the reasons why a specialist aluminium facade installation can work for your building, and not to mention how easy it is to actually install. It can be the perfect choice to achieve a modern look for your building or to create design features that draw attention to its structure. The potential cost savings, versatility, durability and sustainability benefits all speak for themselves.

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