How can my commercial roof warranty be voided?

When it comes to your commercial roofing system, having a roof warranty is critical to protect both yourself and your property. With a valid commercial roof warranty, you’ll be able to avoid potentially expensive repair costs in the future.

With a voided commercial roof warranty, you’ll end up being responsible for the cost of any repairs to the roofing system. And there’s a number of reasons why your warranty might be voided…

  • Not using professional roofing contractors to carry out repairs – If any repairs need to be carried out on roof penetrations, or any installation or removal work needs doing, then you should always use professional roofing contractors. If you carry work yourself and any damage is caused, your warranty will be voided.
  • Misusing your commercial roofing system or having too much footfall – Plenty of roofing systems are designed to support heavy footfall, but your commercial roof is likely not designed this way. So heavy footfall can end up resulting in some serious damage and costly repairs. Any damage from misuse won’t be covered under your warranty.
  • Using products or work that haven’t been approved – If your roofing system is damaged or has a leak, and you use a roofing contractor who uses the wrong method, products or materials to carry out repairs etc, you may not be covered under your warranty. Who you hire matters when it comes to protecting your commercial roofing system.
  • Moisture becoming trapped in the walls – Other damage that occurs somewhere else in your building can still sometimes affect your commercial roof. This could then potentially void your commercial roof warranty. If water causes damage under the roof surface, or damage to the insulation or roofing system caused by another area of your building – this could also void your warranty.

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