How Electronic Leak Detection Can Help Your Roof This Winter

Roof leaks are just one of the things that can cause damage to your commercial roof this winter. In fact, winter can be troublesome for any commercial roofing or industrial roofing system, but a flat roof is particularly susceptible to damage from leaks. 

As highly experienced industrial & commercial roofing contractors, we know all too well that dealing with a flat roof leak can be both a frustrating and costly part of the colder months. Any flat roof leak that’s left unchecked during winter can end up causing serious damage to your roof structure and to the building as a whole. 

At roofing consultants, we provide cost-effective flat roof leak repair and roof restorations, but we can also help you identify and stop any flat roof leak – and one of the best ways to do this it to take advantage of an electronic leak detector

What is electronic leak detection? 

Essentially, an electronic leak detector works as a non-destructive diagnostic tool that can be used by trained roofing contractors to identify water leaks. It will be able to accurately locate any entry points and areas of trapped water within your flat roofing system using electronically charged bristles. 

An electronic leak detector will be able to quickly pinpoint problematic areas with absolute precision. These areas will then be clearly marked so that quick repair work can take place before any small issues become big, costly problems down the line. 

With electronic leak detection, there’s no guesswork involved and you won’t need to carry out any flood testing. Using this method to find an issue and carry out a flat roof roof leak repair, is painless, accurate and environmentally friendly.

How can electronic leak detection really help?

Not only is taking advantage of an electronic leak detector a quick, easy and accurate method of locating a flat roof leak, it’s just as effective when used in both wet and dry weather conditions. This equipment will be able to find leaks no matter how small they are, without the need to remove surface coatings etc.

Electronic leak detection still works effectively to make fast and accurate reading of leaks in most types of waterproofing membranes. Once a defect has been found, it will be marked on the roof’s surface with survey paint and plotted on a CAD drawing so that repairs can be carried out quickly. 

Detecting defects and carrying out a flat roof roof leak repair early will save you money in the long run. As you’ll be preventing a small leak from turning into a major structural problem, which could end up requiring the whole roofing system to be replaced. 

To avoid the worse case scenario, get in touch with our professional roofing contractors for a free site survey today. 

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