How often should my industrial roof get maintenance checks?

It’s essential that you keep up regular maintenance checks on your industrial roofing system throughout the year. This will help to ensure it stays fully functioning, especially as the windier and rainier autumn and winter months are approaching. 

Exposure to the elements and general wear and tear are always going to be contributing factors to your roofing system suffering damage. Regular maintenance checks can result in prompt repairs to fix any issues before they become much more costly problems.


Why are industrial roof maintenance checks beneficial?

By carrying out preventive maintenance checks, as opposed to waiting for more serious issues to develop, you’ll be able to catch problems before they escalate into larger, more costly issues. This won’t only save you money, it will save you time, be less disruptive to your business, and far less stressful.


When should I carry out an industrial roof maintenance check?

Of course, the British weather isn’t always suitable for carrying out inspection on your industrial roofing system. Wet and windy conditions can all contribute to the demise of the roof, but can also be dangerous when trying to carry out checks. So it’s always best to carry out any checks before the harsher conditions of the winter months arrive. This way you can prepare for the more extreme weather and any identified damage can be repaired when conditions are better.


What should I look out for when carrying out a maintenance check?

When carrying out a thorough inspection on the exterior of the roofing system, it’s important to look out for any tell-tale signs of damage caused by strong winds, frost or heavy downpours. It’s also best to get a professional industrial roofing contractor to carry out the checks. Not only will this be safer, but an experienced roofing contractor will be able to quickly identify any problem areas. They will also be able to insect the interior of the roofing system too, which should always be checked for signs of damage.


Keeping your industrial roof in shape

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