How to Protect Your Industrial Roof This Winter

Winter is associated with many wonderful things; from festive fun and brightly decorated streets to cozy crackling fires and snowball fights. However, there are certainly aspects to the colder months that aren’t so great – mainly the weather conditions, which are arguably more varied and unpredictable than any other time of year.

Cold temperatures, heavy rain, gale force winds and frosty nights can all play havoc with your industrial roofing system. Your industrial roof understandably bears the brunt of this unpredictable and often harsh weather, so it’s essential that you take steps to protect it. Of course this involves keeping on top of your roof maintenance

Clear any ice or snow

Any build of ice and snow on your industrial roofing system runs the risk of causing structural damage if it’s left to rest there for too long. The more it builds up the greater the strain to the structure of you building. You can rectify this by having snow regularly removed from the roof, along with any build up of ice.

Double check your insulation

If your industrial roof has poor insulation, this can cause a number of issues. One of which is when melted snow and ice runs down into the guttering and drains as a result of a roof being too warm. This then refreezes, causing a blockage that will get bigger over time, possibly causing damage to the guttering system.

Remove debris

It’s a good idea to get professional roofing contractors to remove accumulated debris on top of your industrial roof. This way, you can prevent moisture-related issues like mold and mildew. A clean roof can also improve your property’s overall aesthetics.

Keep your guttering clear

Regularly making an effort to clean out any guttering, including leaves and moss etc, can make a huge difference when it comes to protecting your industrial roof over winter. The prevalence of rain and snow during the season means that any guttering can quickly get clogged up. You should always exercise extreme caution when inspecting any guttering.

It’s recommended that you take advantage of experienced industrial & commercial roofing contractors when it comes to carrying out any maintenance on your industrial roof. At Roofing Consultants, we offer a free site survey to make sure your roof is up to scratch.

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