How you could benefit from a drone roof inspection

The popularity of drones extends far beyond recreational and personal use. And despite their reputation of being a bit of a nuisance, drones have become incredibly useful in the commercial sphere.

Within the roofing industry especially, drones have proved exceptionally valuable and have revolutionised the way that roof surveys and inspections are carried out.

What does a drone roof survey involve?

A drone roof survey is a relatively modern and new way of inspecting roofs. This type of roof survey is especially helpful for roof areas that have restricted or unsafe access.

A Helecam is used, which is a radio controlled helicopter with in-flight video camera. It is controlled by a trained professional on the ground and allows us to thoroughly inspect the roof without the need to physically go up there.

A drone roof inspection has the ability to analyse areas that would’ve been previously inaccessible to professional, or difficult to service using more traditional roof surveying methods. We find that this is especially common amongst much older commercial properties, as well as those at a distinguishable height.

The footage that is obtained from the drone inspection is extremely high quality and gives a clear indication of any problems with the roof.

Why are the pros of having a drone inspection?

A drone roof survey is a fantastic way to inspect a roof and there are a wide range of benefits to consider.

  • Is a time and cost-effective way to inspect a commercial roof
  • Reduces the risk to human life and the roof itself
  • Provides solid evidence of damage/work that needs to be done
  • Involves minimal disruption to the live working environment
  • Reduces the chance of human error

There are of course times when a drone roof inspection may not be the best option, for example, on particularly low lying roofs or during high wind conditions. But we can always advise on the best course of action for your particular roof taking into account the conditions on the day.

To receive more information about our drone roof surveys, and to book your free site survey, contact us on: 0800 046 1500.