Is 2016 the Year for Green Roof Construction?

As more and more businesses seek to brand themselves as environmentally friendly, many companies are looking at green roof systems as a way of ticking this box and also saving themselves money in the process.

Green roof construction involves the installation of a simple waterproof membrane and a layer of vegetation on top of this. Depending on your budget there are several additional options you may wish to go for, including root barriers, irrigation systems, and bio-diverse green roofing.

The ecological benefits of installing even a basic green roof are obvious to all. Your previously unused roof surface area instead becomes home to a diverse range of life-forms; catching the spores of local flora and even attracting birds and small animals to your structure.

The majority of green roofs are also extremely low-maintenance and cost-effective, providing a cheap and natural way of insulating your property. Many firms have reported savings of around 4% on their annual heating bills through the installation of a green roof, which will contribute further to reducing your company’s carbon footprint.

It should also be noted that local authorities often look favourably on planning proposals which include green roofing, as it often meets many of their own criteria regarding the provision of a sustainable local environment.

For many industrial areas one of the main environmental problems is poor air quality, and a green roofing system can also help in this regard. Anyone who paid attention to biology in high school will know that living foliage converts carbon dioxide into oxygen, and in addition to this the vegetation also helps to remove some dust particles from the local air.

When you also consider the visually pleasing appearance of lush greenery amongst the concrete jungle of warehouses and office blocks, it is no surprise to see many councils and authorities promote the use of a green roof.

The layer of foliage lain on top of your building also acts as a handy waterproof barrier, holding up to 82% of rainfall. So not only are you helping to reduce the hole in the ozone layer, you’re also preventing a new one forming through leaks in your roof!

This will significantly reduce the amount of repair work which your roof requires, as the roof itself will no longer be exposed to the effects of wind and rain. The waterproof membrane which lies beneath the layer of foliage has been shown to have a significantly longer lifespan when used in a green roof.

If you are considering applying a green roof to your structure it is vitally important that you use a qualified industrial and commercial roof contractor. Roofing Consultants have installed green roofing to suit a variety of needs and budgets, so if you’re interested in a roofing solution which benefits both man and mother nature, contact us today on 0800 046 1500.