Is A Felt Roof System Right For You?

If you’re considering a felt roof system for your commercial or industrial building, we’re going to take you through some of the advantages, the types of buildings a felt system can be applied to and other points to consider when opting for this kind of roof.

Felt Roof System Overview

Here at Roofing Consultants we install a range of market leading felt roof systems in APAO, APP and SBS materials.Depending on your building and the site’s installation requirements, we can provide felt roofing systems with both traditional torch application and fully cold application. Similarly, the felt roofing systems we supply can be supplied and installed as a single layer or as a fully insulated roof build-up to comply with current warm roof regulations.

We offer tapered insulation to existing flat roof systems to create falls that effectively eliminate pooling water. To minimise disruption, we also moisture scan the existing roof during the refurbishment process and overlay an existing waterproof system, which also helps to reduce costs.

Advantages of a Felt Roofing System


Felt roofing systems are by far the cheapest options when it comes to flat roof systems. This makes them a popular choice for commercial and industrial buildings which have budgets to adhere to or are looking to reduce costs in any areas they can.


Felt roofing systems are suitable for most types of roofs and can be laid to any size you like, making them extremely versatile to use. The level of detail on your existing roof structure will also not be an issue with felt roofing as the felt can be cut to size.

Aesthetic Quality

A felt roof looks smart and tidy once it has been completed and you can choose from a variety of colours to complement your building’s current aesthetics. If you want a clean looking finish that will match your building, felt is an excellent choice.


It’s quite straightforward to repair a section of damaged roof without needing to replace the entire roof system however you may have to sacrifice aesthetic quality slightly as it can look a bit patchy. However, it’s worth it for the reduced cost of needing to replace your entire roof.


You can choose from either torch on application which obviously uses heat and comes with the associated fire hazards (which are minimal with an approved and accredited installer) or you can opt for a fully cold application if your building demands it. To learn more about our felt roofing systems, or to discuss your roofing needs, contact us at Roofing Consultants Group.