Our 5 Favourite Commercial Green Roofs

Commercial green roofs originate from Norway hundreds of years ago, and it’s now being adopted to suit flat roofing and other types of building structures. In the past couple of years, the idea has become increasingly popular all around the world, especially for commercial roofing.

There are amazing green roofing benefits that confirm they are indeed the way forward in contemporary architecture and landscaping. These roofs help decline local flooding due to their ability to prevent roofing damage while acting as a horticultural insulation and cooling system.

These benefits save energy while supporting the environment and welcoming local wildlife such as birds, making it an ideal installation on a commercial building. Many are also of a fan of the style because a green roof in combination with industrial materials offer a stylish, environmentally friendly juxtaposition.

1. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

It won’t surprise us if students become inspired when they’re walking into this university. The beautifully designed green landscape joins onto the green roofing system, making a fantastic use of space. It’s great to see an incredible university like this one reap the benefits of a green roof while doing so in a stylish, modern way.

2. The Atrium, Brooklyn Botanical Garden, New York, USA

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than escaping the city hustle and bustle for a relaxing walk around a beautiful garden. This botanical garden in Brooklyn has a beautiful restaurant that was designed with a curved green roof construction. This system fits in with the natural theme of this location and doesn’t look out of place whatsoever.

3. Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver Convention Centre

This incredible build is one of Canada’s largest convention centres with a capacity of 12,000 visitors. The architectural design is stunning with it’s use of structured angles and innovative green roofing which was certified by the Canada Green Building Council.

They’ve made such a forwarding-thinking use of this green roof system design, and it certainly attracts attention being located next to the dock.

4. Kensington Roof Garden, London, UK

Kensington Roof Garden

London is well known for being an extremely busy city, bursting with up and coming developments. This Kensington Roof Garden wonderfully brings back a taste of the outdoors to the metropolitan citizens. With three green roof constructions distinguishing this building, it’s definitely worth a visit, whether you want to hold a conference or just have an enjoyable Friday night out.

It’s refreshing to see a building like this use such an innovative idea in an area that is largely surrounded by skyscrapers.

5. The Rockefeller Centre, New York, USA

This world famous commercial building covers 22 acres in New York City, and it’s becoming more recognized for its use of green roofing design. It might surprise some people to know there is a garden like this other than Central Park, and we believe it makes an excellent, mini alternative.

Do you want to transform your commercial building with a green roof construction? Find out more about how we can help with the structure of a commercial green roof and contact us for a site survey.