Reasons You Should Invest in Commercial Solar Panels

Whether you’re a multinational business or an SME, the ways in which your business has the potential to benefit from solar panels are substantial. Whether it’s looking for ways to cut costs, energy security, ways to become a ‘greener’ business, or all of the above.

Reasons to Install Commercial Solar Panels

Here we’ve broken down some of the most important benefits in investing in commercial solar pv panels:

Cost Savings

There’s a huge cost saving potential to be had from having commercial solar panels installed. Especially if you’re a business that has a particularly high energy usage, such as business within food production or manufacturing.

Currently, the cost of energy from solar pv panels works out at around 5p per kWh. Compare that to current energy prices from the national grid of 11-15p per unit and you’ve got yourself one heck of an energy saving. Which, in time, can cover the cost of the initial investment of the panels.

And this is just what Home Farm School found after they’d decided to move over to commercial solar pv panels.

Environmentally Friendly

Probably the most obvious benefit to having commercial solar panels installed is it can significantly help reduce your business’ carbon footprint. Not only are you not using already depleting fossil fuels, but energy from the sun is infinite and doesn’t need to be excavated or transported.

To put things in perspective and to get a bit science-y, research shows when measuring how much CO2 is produced by different fuel sources, the footprint of solar comes in at 6g of CO2 equivalent (CO2e/kWh), where as coal is a whopping 109gCO2e/kWh. A substantial difference.

Energy Security

Officially defined as: ‘uninterrupted availability to energy sources at an affordable price.’ Investing in commercial solar panels gives you greater, long-term energy security.

Due to growing populations and diminishing resources, energy security is something that is becoming more problematic with traditional energy sources. Having a backup in place would keep you and your business up and running in the unfortunate scenario that something drastic should happen

It’s clear that as we become increasingly aware of the implications of using traditional energy sources, more households and businesses will make the switch over to solar energy as their prime source energy source.

With the abundance of benefits it can offer your business it can be a real no brainer if you are looking to cut costs and reduce your carbon footprint. So if you are interested in commercial solar pv panels, our expert team can answer any questions or queries you may have about making the switch, so don’t hesitate to get in touch today.