Should You Choose A Commercial Green Roofing System?

From Manchester to London, commercial green roofs are becoming more and more popular – mainly due to their environmental, functional and cost advantages.

The so called ‘living’ roof is not only favoured for its aesthetic value, which is something a traditional commercial roofing system can’t offer – it’s also a hugely important part of overall  green infrastructure for any city, by helping to reduce carbon-emissions, lower energy consumption, greatly improve urban air quality and more.

With many benefits on offer, the idea of going green and installing one of these roofing systems is all the range with many businesses, especially in city centres.


Is it costly?

Installing a commercial green roof will cost a bit more than any traditional roofing system, at least initially.

Factors such as, the size of the roof, the design, quantity of plants required, as well as accessibility and any on-going maintenance needed – will all affect the final construction costs.

Despite the initial investment that can be substantial, green roofs add huge long term value and return on investment to any commercial property. Not only can a professionally installed commercial green roof offer strong protection to adverse weather and harsh temperatures that can cause damage over time, but it will also boast a much longer life span than many roofing alternatives.

Keep in mind that a business would also benefit from a reduction in energy costs, thanks to the natural qualities of the green roof, providing better energy efficiency, insulation and temperature control.


Bear in mind

A commercial green roofing system can be installed on cold or warm roofs, whether they’re sloped or flat.

But remember, it’s very important to get a full survey and assessment from professional commercial roofers, in order to ensure the structure can withstand the installation of a green roofing system.

This type of roofing can be far heavier than other options, therefore the roof may require additional structural support for any installation to be successful.

Many different types of roofs are fully able to support the creation of a green roof, whether they’re metal, concrete or wooden. And as mentioned, sloped roofs are suitable, with exceptions mainly being if the slope is greater than 45°.


There are many more benefits that come with a green roof, from increased flood reduction to supporting the environment and wildlife habitats.

But if you’re still unsure when it comes to commercial green roofs, then Talk to us at Roofing Consultants Group to find out more.