Should You Weatherproof Your Commercial Solar Panels?

After the havoc caused by Storm Desmond recently, many home and commercial property owners are understandably worried about how their building would cope with such conditions. If you’ve recently spent a few thousand pounds having commercial solar panels installed, what are the chances of a strong storm damaging them beyond repair? And what steps can you take to mitigate any potential threats?

Commercial solar panels are protected to prevent damage

The good news is that solar panels are incredibly durable when installed correctly, which is why it is always of the utmost importance to have the work undertaken by qualified professionals. The cells which make up your solar panels are quite delicate, but they are protected by a layer of thick laminate, glass, or acrylic to prevent damage. Basically, if the wind, rain and hail haven’t damaged your windows, it’s not going to harm your solar panels either.

Modern solar panels are tested to withstand extreme weather

Most modern solar panels are also tested in some pretty extreme conditions, including having hailstones shot at them from pneumatic guns at speeds of 260 miles per hour. The strongest winds recorded from Storm Desmond in the UK so far hit 81mph, so we are still some way off seeing any kind of violent weather which could threaten the integrity of your commercial solar panelling.

Of course, just because something has been tested in a laboratory, it doesn’t mean that system is 100% reliable. If you want some extra reassurance that harsh weather won’t damage your system, the only way to fully weatherproof solar panels is to have their mounting and racking systems inspected and reinforced.

Perhaps your system was fitted years ago, or you saved a little money by having a friend of a friend fit them. If so, hire a qualified company like Roofing Consultants to maintain and inspect your commercial solar panel system before the weather gets worse.

It’s still important to keep your commercial solar panels in good condition

Your solar energy panels are designed to last decades, providing you with free, clean energy with no extra hassle. The best way to ensure that you continue to benefit from your solar energy investment is by keeping them in tip-top condition, and removing any element of risk when a storm approaches.

If you are looking for a qualified solar panel installation team for your commercial premises, or if you simply want some advice on whether your current system can withstand the recent inclement weather, then contact Roofing Consultants today on 0800 046 1500.