The Benefits Of Zinc Roof Cladding For Industrial Roofing

When a business is looking to repair or replace their industrial roofing system, there’s plenty of design options to choose from. For many industrial or commercial properties, metal roof cladding is a popular and effective option – largely due to the amount of materials available, such as copper, various types of steel, and aluminium.

One industrial roofing option that doesn’t immediately spring to mind is zinc roof cladding, but more and more commercial roofers are now incorporating this type of cladding into their latest projects.

We’re looking into the benefits of choosing zinc roof cladding for commercial and industrial roofing projects…


Resistant & self repairing

Zinc is very durable, and when it comes to using the metal for industrial roof cladding, it displays an extremely high ability to resist continued corrosion.

This is due to the fact that zinc forms a protective layer of carbonate on its surface, when exposed to any moisture or carbon dioxide in the air. Thanks to this unique reaction, the corrosion process can be prohibited, and it also develops a distinctive bluish patina, which can enhance the roofs overall appearance.  

As well as the benefit of increased longevity for any commercial or industrial roofing system, zinc roof cladding can also essentially repair itself over time. Due to the unique properties of the metal, scratches and mild imperfections will heal automatically, and virtually disappear.


Very versatile material

Zinc is a very soft, versatile and malleable metal that can easily be shaped and molded into a variety of forms to suit many roofing designs, without compromising on its durability.

This can make zinc roof cladding ideal for any buildings that have particularly unique industrial roofing designs, such as distinct window shapes or chimneys.


Environmentally friendly

Zinc is a very green material to use for any industrial roofing cladding, possessing several traits that make a good choice when it comes to being environmentally friendly. It’s an entirely recyclable metal, which can easily be reused over and over again, cutting down on any waste when it comes time to replace the roofing system.

The metal possesses an agent that helps stop the reproduction of mold and fungus, and even rainwater that runs off the metal is clean, unlike other metals such as copper, which is a fungicide. Zinc roof cladding would never pose any risk to plant growth either, making it perfectly safe to use around areas that have lots of vegetation.


Aesthetically pleasing & affordable

The metal is very lightweight, meaning transportation costs can often be lower, and it’s generally easier to install due to its durability and unique properties, saving time and business costs.

It can certainly brighten up any industrial roofing system with its distinct stainless steel shine, combined with the bluish patina that develops over time. If the natural finish of the cladding isn’t particularly pleasing, there’s even a range of different textured zinc finishes available to suit anyone’s tastes.


These are just some of the benefits when it comes to using zinc roof cladding, and at Roofing Consultants, we have extensive experience in all types of metal roof cladding.

By utilising our expertise we can help you find the perfect cladding solution to suit any commercial or industrial roofing system.

And if you’re still unsure whether zinc or any other roof cladding material would suit your commercial property, you can speak to one of our professional roofers today on 0800 046 1500 or fill out our contact form online.