The importance of checking your warehouse roof regularly

When you’ve got a to-do list as long as next week, it can be tricky to keep track of everything that’s going on at your workplace – particularly on the roof. With a large number of building problems stemming from roof issues, checking yours on a regular basis should be one of your top priorities. And if you still need convincing, we’ve highlighted some of the other reasons its advantageous to check your warehouse roof regularly:

Helps Drainage

When you experience a particularly bad spell of weather, damage occurring from storms and heavy rain can leave your roof clogged up. Now, this might be a problem that goes unnoticed for a short while, but the longer your roof remains clogged it can cause problems in the form of rotting, mold formation and corrosion.

Helps reduce any unnecessary cost

It’s estimated that 80% of roofs have to be replaced prematurely because roofs aren’t looked after properly when they’ve been installed.

For this reason, conducting regular checks into the health of your roof can help reduce long term costs, costs which can be easily avoided! 

Helps keep you efficient and productive 

Whether you’re running a factory, an office building, or a warehouse. Ensuring your productive output remains at its peak will be one of your key priorities.

So if you experience problems with your roof, it has the potential to stop productive output all together – causing damaging delays to your service offering, not to mention your reputation too.

Enhances appearance

The importance of a healthy, strong roof is often overlooked. And if not maintained properly, it can have detrimental effects on the appearance of your warehouse.

As a business, you’ll likely have site visitors and customers popping in every now and then. So you don’t want the first thing they see is a damaged roof, rife in mould and corrosion damage.

How can we help with roof maintenance?

We’ve a range of services available which can help keep on top of your roof health. Such as electronic leak detection, which uses state of the art technology to detect water leak entry and areas of trapped water within a flat or low pitched roof construction.

As well as, drone roof inspections, which have the ability to inspect your roof in a way that is much greater than the human eye. It utilises high resolution imagery, which can provide highly detailed video and photography to analyse previously inaccessible areas.

If you’re interested in hearing more about the roof maintenance services we provide and our vast range of projects we’ve completed – get in touch today.