The Importance of Roof Maintenance & Surveys After Prolonged Closure

Due to the pandemic many commercial and industrial buildings have likely been closed over lockdown. During any period of prolonged closure though, it’s critical that checking over the roofing system isn’t neglected.

Roofing maintenance is unfortunately more often than not put on the back burner. Before long it’s been quite some time since you’ve had a professional roof survey to check there aren’t any small issues, which could soon turn into much bigger problems that cost time and money in the long-run.

So if you’ve had a prolonged closure, it’s hugely important to survey your commercial roofing or industrial roofing system, and keep up with any maintenance to check everything is in shape.

Why focus on roof maintenance? 

Proactive roof maintenance is essential if you want your roofing system to have a long life expectancy. Keeping a regular schedule for maintenance will also minimise the risk of minor issues becoming worse and prevent things like water ingress into the building.

Roofing systems that don’t have issues identified as soon as possible can end up requiring extensive repairs and sometimes needing a complete roof replacement. So to avoid costly repairs, along with possible health and safety claims, it’s a good idea to maintain your roofing system as best you can.

Having roof maintenance carried out, you can save money by getting ahead of any issues or defects that can arise. This includes having regularly scheduled inspections, periodic repairs of roofing parts and the addition of reflective coatings.

How does a roof survey help?

By getting a roof survey, carried out by experienced roofing contractors, you’ll be able to quickly identify any issues, and get timely solutions that will stop them from turning into much more expensive problems.

A roofing survey will greatly help your decision making as well. For example, if you’re hoping to install a new roof, knowing the condition of the current one should be your main priority, as this will influence any decision you make.

Here to keep your roofing system in shape

Thankfully, at Roofing Consultants, we are proud to be one of the leading commercial and industrial roofing contractors in the North West and throughout the UK; offering a wide range of award-winning services. And we also provide free commercial roof surveys, carried out by our highly-trained and experienced roofing contractors.

We can fully assess the roofing system, highlighting defects and give you professional recommendations on the most effective and cost-efficient solutions. We also offer a range of roofing maintenance packages, from planned to reactive maintenance, all to agreed SLA’s. 

Don’t delay, contact us for more information today.