The Key Benefits of Cladding Coatings

At Roofing Consultants, we take pride in all the industrial roofing and commercial roofing services we provide throughout the North West and all of the UK. One such popular service our roofers north west contractors often carry out is cladding coatings.

When it comes to commercial and industrial buildings, which have prefabricated metal roof and wall cladding systems, coating the cladding sheets whenever they start to deteriorate is the perfect solution to protect the building and improve its aesthetics.

As part of our cladding north west services, our cladding contractors specialise in the maintenance and spraying of cladding coatings, and we want to give you a quick guide to the key benefits of this service.


Cost effective & low maintenance

When compared to alternatives such as a painted surface, cladding coatings for commercial and industrial roofing systems are an extremely low maintenance and cost effective solution. Cladding requires little cleaning or repairing, and often needs nothing more than a quick regular wash. This applies no matter what material our contractors use and as well as offering protection from the elements, cladding coating will help to greatly improve the life expectancy of any cladding on an industrial or commercial roofing system.


An aesthetically astute choice

Although the main reasons for taking advantage of our cladding north west services are practical and for protection, cladding coatings can also provide a greater level of aesthetic quality to any industrial roofing and commercial roofing systems. Our contractors will always correctly choose a cladding coating solution that will dramatically improve the overall impression of any building, boosting its appeal and market value.

This is also why our north west roofing contractors offer a wide variety of styles, colours and materials to choose from. Whether you want a polished granite finish, or the rustic style of brick cladding, there’s plenty of options to help you get that unique look.


The main purpose of protection

Of course the main and most popular reason for using our cladding coatings is to add a further layer of exterior protection to a commercial roofing or industrial roofing system. It can increase the overall strength of any building and protect it from a whole range of potentially damaging elements, such as strong winds, heavy rainfall, mold and humidity.

Also, by using our cladding contractors to incorporate the right cladding coating onto your roofing system, it will be much more resistant to cracks caused by any temperature or climate change, and better able to withstand any water absorption, sunlight or pollution damage.

These key benefits combined with the fact our cladding coatings are insurance backed for up to 15 years and offer minimal disruption to the overall building make them a smart choice for any project.

Our contractors can carry out professional cladding coatings on any industrial roofing and commercial roofing systems throughout the North West and the UK. They can apply coatings using fast and effective airless spray systems, through tested and trusted suppliers.

Take advantage of our cladding coating services today, or if you need our roofing contractors to carry out a free site survey, then please get in touch to find out how we can help you.