Up on the Roof – Our Top 5 Favourite Rooftop Songs!

Here at Roofing Consultants Group, we love nothing more than a good old sing-song! Who doesn’t? In fact, the only thing we love more than singing from the rooftops is actually singing about rooftops! So when it comes to karaoke, we have five go-to anthems we love to bellow louder than the rest. So without further ado, here are our top five favourite rooftop songs:

Up on the Roof – The Drifters

An all time classic and definitely our favourite! “When this old world starts getting me down and people are just too much…” we just sit back, put this tune on and let our worries disappear. From The Drifters to Robson and Jerome, a number of artists have had a stab at this tune but we don’t believe anyone sings this better than us! We don’t know how you plan to get up on the roof Robson and Jerome, but we suggest using safety ropes and clips if you do; otherwise you may fall faster than your pop career.

The Roof – Mariah Carey

You’ve just got to love Mariah Carey, even if you’re not a fan of her music. We certainly are though and there’s no doubt her best song is this one. Mariah may turn up only once a year with that infamous Christmas song, but we listen to this one all year round! We’re not going to lie, having a beautiful woman sing about a roof is a match made in heaven for us and we’d like to see more of it! Mariah – if you’re reading this we would like some more please!

The Roof is Leaking – Phil Collins

If you’re roof is leaking Phil, you should be giving us a call! We’re thankful you wrote a song about it, but just one phone call and the problem would have been solved within 24 hours. Maybe even 12 hours for you Phil! Our professional roofing contractors offer a professional roofing service, providing both installation and maintenance repairs. Ignoring a leak can lead to further structural problems later down the line and therefore the problem should be addressed as soon as possible. So next time Phil, put the piano away and give us a call!

The Roof is on Fire – Bloodhound Gang

Again, if your roof is on fire this is definitely not something to sing about! Nevertheless, we love bellowing this one out every now and then, especially after a few scoops! If your roof is on fire, you obviously need to be calling the fire brigade. If your roof has been on fire and now needs repairing, it’s best that you call us. A message for The Bloodhound Gang: if you need a hand fixing your roof we’re here to help! Just promise us you won’t burn it down again, we know what you’re like!

We’re Really Gonna Raise the Roof – Slade

“It’s Christmassssss!” Okay so we feel a little bit sorry for Slade as this is pretty much all they are remembered for. Noddy Holder is a rock legend with an instantly recognisable voice and appearance. No one ever seems to remember him singing about raising the roof though! We certainly do!

However,if you are to raise the roof Noddy then you’ll need a crane, a cherry picker and a boatload of scaffolding at least. So get in touch and we’ll help you out with no problem. We just request a live gig and a full set here at our offices whenever you get the chance!