What are the advantages of green roofing for businesses?

Most UK cities are essentially a sea of black and grey, especially when viewed from above. However, the popularity of green roofs has certainly grown over the last few years, which means this no longer had to be the case. Many commercial roofing and industrial roofing systems have opted to reap the benefits of green roofing, as not only do they look beautiful, they are energy efficient and environmentally friendly too.

Green roofs can be a perfect addition to any commercial or industrial premises. Having one installed by professional roofing contractors will bring you a magnitude of benefits that go beyond aesthetics. 

A much improved drainage system

Sustainable drainage is hugely important for both commercial roofing systems and industrial roofing systems, as it acts as a way to counter flooding in the event of excess rainfall. A network of pipes is usually utilised as a more traditional method of helping to control water. 

The increase of urban development coupled with global warming is exacerbating the risks of flooding. Thankfully, green roofing systems can counteract this, as water is stored in plants and substrate, before being released back into the environment naturally.

An increased roof lifespan

Any roofing system is exposed to the elements and has plenty to cope with throughout the year. From the wind and rain to ultraviolet light and fluctuating temperatures, your roofing system will need strong protection.

This is what a green roofing system can offer, because they have been proven to double or even triple the life expectancy of your rooftop. The greenery essentially creates a barrier to help protect the waterproof membrane underneath. This increases life expectancy and ensures your roofing system will last well for decades.

A boost to thermal performance

One of the most beneficial advantages to this type of roofing system is how it affects thermal performance. Poor insulation can be one of the most impactful problems any roof can face, and can lead to substantial heat loss, especially during colder months

A green roofing system can greatly improve energy efficiency and limit the usage of air conditioning as well. Energy emitted from the sun will be absorbed by the plants and greenery. This will boost the thermal efficiency in colder temperatures by locking heat inside, and reduce the roof’s temperature in hotter months.

Producing better air quality

Green roofing systems can of course help out the environment, as carbon dioxide is one of the key contributing factors to global warming. Buildings can contribute to around 44% of total CO2 emissions, so having a green roof can help to reduce this significantly. 

Air pollution is also a huge issue in urban areas and larger cities, and green roofs can greatly improve the overall air quality by helping to reduce sulfur dioxide, nitrous acid and dust particles in the air.

If you’re interested in hearing more about green roofs, the benefits of them and how they’re installed, get in touch with the team. Here at Roofing Consultants, we can design and install a range of green roofing systems to satisfy your building requirements.