What Can Void Your Commercial Roof Warranty?

When it comes to commercial roofing or industrial roofing, a roof warranty is essential in order to protect both yourself and your property. If you want to avoid the potential sting of costly repairs then it’s always important to keep your roof warranty valid, or you might get stuck with a huge bill.

If your warranty is voided it will mean that you will be responsible for the cost of any repairs to your roof. But what kind if things can end up voiding your warranty?

Working on mechanical roof equipment yourself

Mechanical equipment or penetrations are quite common on most commercial roofing or industrial roofing systems, such as skylights, drains, vents, pipes, gas lines, and HVAC. If any repairs need to be carried out on these types of roof penetrations, or any installation or removal work needs doing, then you should always use professional roofing contractors.

They will be able to ensure that no damage is done to the roofing system when any work is carried out. Roofing contractors will be able to re-seal the penetration and also provide advice on how to better protect your roof during any work that’s being done.

Carrying out mechanical work on your roof by yourself or without consulting professional roofing contractors is not only a risk; if any damage is caused by the work then your warranty will be voided, and you will have to pay out of pocket for repairs.

Too much footfall or misuse of the roof

There are plenty of specially designed roofs that are used as pathways, patios or even restaurants and bars. These roofs are able to support the often heavy foot traffic without causing damage.

The majority of commercial and industrial roofing systems are not designed for this purpose, so if you end up using it in a way it was not designed for, then this can lead to some serious damage and costly repairs.

It’s very important that you always use walkways whenever you access the roof, so that you avoid too much footfall on the surface, and so that you don’t end up misusing the roof. Any damage from misuse won’t be covered under your warranty, and once again you’ll have to foot the bill for any repairs.

Products or work that haven’t been approved

When your commercial or industrial roofing system does have damage or is suffering from a leak, then it’s very important that you stay within your warranty when resolving the problem. If you use a roofing contractor who uses the wrong method, products or materials to carry out repairs etc, you may not be covered under your warranty.

Who you hire to carry out work on your roof matters. If you proceed to use roofing contractors to make repairs and changes, who aren’t listed on the warranty; then any further damage or leaks caused by their work will not be covered.

Moisture trapped in the walls

Sometimes damage that occurs somewhere else in your building can end up affecting your roofing system, and if this happens it could potentially void your commercial roof warranty.

For example, if condensation collects within the walls then mold can travel up into the layers of your roofing system. Also, if there’s damage to a vent then this could allow water or animals to cause further damage under the surface of the roof. Any damage to the insulation or roofing system caused by another area of your building could void your warranty.

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