What is liquid applied roofing?

What is liquid applied roofing?

Liquid applied roofing systems have become one of the most popular and cost-effective solutions within the commercial roofing market.

Liquid roofing systems are advanced polymeric coating materials such as polyurethane, that are applied to roof to provide a seamless, protective barrier.

The majority of liquid roofing systems are applied with various different coatings to ensure the very best performance. However, this sometimes depends on the specific guidelines provided by each manufacturer. This process traditionally includes:

  • Primer
  • Base Coat
  • Reinforcement Matting
  • UV top coat

Liquid roofing offers a long-term solution to the problem of water ingress and can last up to 25 years before needing any kind of repair. These types of roof coating systems also offer a cost effective repair solution and superior alternative to traditional roofing substrates.

What kind of roof is liquid coating suitable for?

Liquid applied roofing is great because it’s an extremely versatile solution, and so it can be applied to either flat roof, pitched or domed roof systems. And the solution can also be used on a wide range of materials including Mineral felt, mastic asphalt and more recent PVC/TPO membranes.

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The benefits of liquid applied roofing

The main benefits of this type of roof coating are:

  • Cost-effective
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to install
  • Allows for insulation

Additionally, liquid applied roofing systems are highly resistant to UV degradation and other harmful airborne pollutants and are also safer and easier to install than other types of roof systems, as there are no hot works involved.

We have a dedicated blog post where you can read more about the benefits of liquid applied roofing.

At Roofing Consultants, we install a range of liquid applied roofing systems in Polyurethane and PMMA compositions. We ensure that all liquid roofing solutions are applied in accordance with the requirements and guidelines provided by each of our chosen manufacturers.

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