What Kind Of Roof Survey Do I Need?

One of our services here at Roofing Consultants is commercial roof surveys and diagnostics. Roofs can be complicated and when things go wrong it’s essential to get to the root of the problem as quickly as possible. We have specially trained consultants who survey commercial roofs quickly and effectively. Additionally we provide free quotes on any repairs that are needed.

Not sure which kind of roof survey you need? Here are all the different types of roof surveys we offer.


Asbestos Testing

We use professional PASMA trained specialists to carefully and concisely take asbestos samples from your roof, transferring them in sealed containers to our certified testing partners. We will also ensure suspected areas are made safe and weatherproof to avoid contamination.


Thermal Roof Surveys

Using infrared technology, thermal roof surveys identify anomalies within your roof, highlighting areas for concern that are harbouring dangerous faults. It is a non-destructive roof diagnostic tool.


Drone Roof Inspection

Drone roof inspections are relatively new but already Roofing Consultants are at the forefront of this technology. Drones allow us to analyse areas that previously would be inaccessible or unsafe to view using traditional methods. Drone roof inspections are ideal for older buildings and those at a distinguishable height.


Extended Camera Roof Survey

Using a mast-mounted roof camera, potential problems can be thoroughly investigated within commercial roofs. This process is simple and completely un-intrusive and the pole-mounted camera systems allows for quick and easy surveyance.


Electronic Leak Detection

Electronic Leak Detection (ELD) uses electronically charged bristles to identify trapped water within flat or low pitched roofs. Water leak entry points can also be identified. It is an un-intrusive leak detection method with pinpoint precision.


Moisture Probe Survey

Using survey paint, we mark points which we have identified as areas of potential leakage. Then, a CAD drawing will be made to create an effective execution plan for repairs. We test these areas with a moisture probe for accuracy.


Visual Roof Survey

As part of a planned or reactive maintenance programme, we offer visual roof surveys. Our expert commercial contractors will identify existing and potential trouble areas, finishing off with a thorough report, detailing any action we feel needs to be taken.


Moisture Scanning

Our water leak moisture scanning tool allows us to quickly and accurately locate trapped water within your roof system. Crucially, there is no need for destructive or penetrative measure with our moisture scanning roof survey.


Core Sampling

Through core sampling, we can determine how much moisture is trapped within your commercial roof system. It is an extremely effective method and whilst it is intrusive, your commercial roof will be left without any damage once the sampling has been done.


MEWP Roof Survey

Highly elevated roofs can be inaccessible or can simply be in a dangerous state to properly survey. One of the best ways to complete a thorough inspection is via a mobile elevating platform.

To enquire about any of our commercial roof surveys and diagnostics, contact us at Roofing Consultants.