What type of commercial roofing do I need?

As leading commercial roofing contractors throughout the UK, we’ve seen our fair share of roofs! And so we understand that it can sometimes be difficult to decipher which type of commercial roofing you need for your building. Some systems are more suited to certain roofs than others and it can really depend on what the building is being used for.

Types of Commercial Roofs

Here are some of the main types of roof we can provide here at Roofing Consultants Group with an overview of each one so you can see whether it’s the right type of commercial roof for you.

Felt roofing systems

Felt roofing systems are by far the cheapest options when it comes to flat roof systems which obviously makes them an attractive type of commercial roof. Felt roofing systems are suitable for most types of roofs and can be laid to any size you like, making them extremely versatile to use. If you want a clean looking finish that will match the rest of your building, felt is an excellent choice. We install a range of market leading felt roof systems in APAO, APP and SBS materials, and depending on your building’s installation requirements, we can provide felt roofing systems with both traditional torch application and fully cold application.

Liquid applied roofing

Liquid roofs are great because of their seamless application and can be fully adhered to a roof substrate without the need for mechanical fixing. They’re popular because they provide a higher level of protection than with other roofing systems, specifically, superior waterproofing due to the high elasticity. We can install a range of liquid applied roofing systems in Polyurethane and PMMA compositions.

Single ply roofing systems

Single ply roof membrane systems are popular because they’re very durable, and resistant to tears and punctures, whilst still remaining incredibly lightweight. Due to its durable qualities, a single ply roof membrane is generally completely resistant to damaging ultraviolet light, can be exposed to potentially harmful chemicals without a problem, and is extremely fire retardant (and also self-extinguishing). Single ply roof membrane systems are considerably more environmentally friendly than other alternative roofing materials. So if it’s durability you’re after, a single ply roof is an excellent choice.

Commercial green roofs

Green roofs are proven to be energy efficient all year round saving you money in the long-term. Studies have shown that a green roof can actually reduce the heating bills of the building by upto 4%! In comparison to a normal surface, a green roof offers a much better drainage solution meaning there’s less chance of a flood happening. Green roofs also provide a habitat for wildlife that are struggling to survive in the area so if you’re concerned for the environment it’s a great choice. And because they protect the waterproofing membrane, they can significantly increase the lifespan of the roof. All our green roofing manufacturers are approved by the NFRC and carry BBA approval.
Solar PV

Solar PV can be installed on most pitched and flat roofing schemes using a range of specialist mounting brackets. And more and more buildings are starting to incorporate them into their roofs. Investing in commercial solar panels gives you greater, long-term energy security. There’s a huge cost saving potential to be had from having commercial solar panels installed, especially if you’re a business that has a particularly high energy usage, such as food production or manufacturing. And of course, having commercial solar panels installed can significantly help reduce your company’s carbon footprint. We install using only tier one solar panels to provide our clients with the highest quality.

If you’re still unsure, then you can call us at Roofing Consultants Group for more information and guidance. We even offer free site surveys and you can request your own free site survey here. By choosing Roofing Consultants Group as your commercial roofing contractors, you’re choosing a wealth of experience, knowledge and a completely transparent pricing policy. Contact us today to get started!