Why Businesses Should Consider Replacing Gutter Lining Systems

The fundamental function of a commercial gutter system is to allow rainwater to run away from the exterior of a building. Quite often, the condition of a gutter lining system can deteriorate overtime which may result in your premises being affected in many different ways.

These areas of concern commonly include blocked or leaking gutters, poorly installed systems featuring a limited number of rainwater outlets and also inadequate coverage which often leads to overspill even in moderate rainfall.

Not only are these issues an inconvenience to the daily running of your business, but more importantly, water damage through insufficient gutter systems can also cause major problems to the entire structure of your building.

In addition to this, a newly installed gutter lining system carried out by an accredited industrial roofing contractor will ultimately provide more safety to you, your staff and also your customers.

The importance of preventative measures

As commercial roofing contractors, we understand the importance of regular roof maintenance to ensure your industrial roofing system is free from damage or any related faults that can be quickly and effectively resolved once identified.

This principle also applies to your building’s gutter system, to which we often recommend regular commercial gutter cleaning to help prolong the lifespan of your current network of gutters.

Due to constant exposure to the elements, most gutter systems do eventually reach the end of their expected lifespan and will require either a full or partial replacement.

Here at Roofing Consultants Ltd we only use the latest, most advanced techniques and materials to refurbish commercial gutter systems:

Liquid Applied Coating systems

Liquid applied gutters usually involve a liquid-applied polymer being introduced to the existing guttering which is either rolled or brushed into the system to help ensure a seamless, leak-proof gutter is created.

Although this type of system may be effective in allowing rainwater to effectively run clear of your building, liquid-applied gutter linings are often more expensive than other methods, as well as being extremely weather dependent.

Independent Seamless Gutter Linings

The main alternative to liquid applied coating systems is that of a seamless plygene gutter lining which is often faster to install and can also be universally fitted for all types of gutter systems.

Supported by its own weight, this made-to-measure, 100% waterproof membrane is fully independent from the existing gutter system. In some cases, this type of gutter lining system can be fully guaranteed for up to 25 years.

As one of the UK’s leading commercial roofing contractors, we are one of the country’s largest installers of HD Sharman plygene gutter lining systems which allows us to provide all our clients with a 25 year material and labour guarantee upon the completion of this type of installation.

Regardless of whether you currently have a traditional gutter system installed or if your building is equipped with syphonic drainage, plygene gutter linings will always be an extremely suitable material to use.

In addition to its versatility and quick installation time, it’s also one of the most cost effective solutions for commercial and industrial roofing systems.

RS Components

When we undertook the refurbishment of the aged and insufficient gutter lining systems at leading electrical and industrial component distributor, RS Components, we immediately knew that a plygene Gutterline system would be the most effective method in providing a long-term solution for the company.

Given the short timescale of 4-6 weeks, we were able to quickly install this particular gutter lining system that eventually resolved the issue of leaking gutters, without causing too much disruption to the client.

To receive further information about gutter lining installation for commercial and industrial properties, or to find out more about our other industrial roofing services, make sure you get in touch with a member of our dedicated team today.