Why is Summer The Best Time for Commercial Roof Maintenance & Repairs?

Every commercial roofing system should be built with a long lifespan in mind, and by using experienced commercial roofing contractors, you’ll ensure that this will be the case. However, you may have decided that your current roofing system needs replacing, whether it’s integrity has been compromised, repairs simply can’t fix the issues, or you’re looking for an upgrade. 

If you are looking for a complete roof replacement then summer can be the best time to do so. The warmer and clearer months are an ideal time for our roofing experts to conduct highly-skilled work on your commercial roof. Plus the lighter days provide an easier time for installation, with fewer time constraints…

Easier installation

Cold and frequently wet weather can unfortunately slow down some operations when it comes to replacing a commercial roofing system. It can be more difficult to lay materials due to them becoming brittle as a result of adverse weather conditions. 

When the weather is a lot more sunny, dry and mild in general, the working pace can become more efficient as materials won’t end up being compromised, 

Less moisture

As mentioned, the materials needed for a complete commercial roof replacement can be damaged through snow, ice, freezing, defrosting and refreezing. These conditions lead to dampening, which could result in materials becoming useless. Cracks are also a risk due to freezing conditions.

Our roofing contractors are highly-trained and very capable, but unfortunately they can’t control the weather. However, replacing the roofing system during summer will certainly help to minimise the risks.

Fewer delays

With better conditions, any work can be finished in a much more timely manner. Winter won’t stop the efficiency of our roofing contractors when they can work on the roofing system. However, winter weather can sometimes bring things to a halt. Once your roofing system is ready though, you can resort assured that it will be built to handle all weather conditions.

Enhanced efficiency

A damaged roof can seriously affect the efficiency of your commercial roofing system. Any problems that are left unfixed through the colder winter months, will allow heat to easily escape. Leading to higher bills and a colder building. Having those problems fixed during the warmer months can buffer these energy costs, and get you fully ready before winter sets in. 

Here at Roofing Consultants group, we have a fleet of high level access vehicles operated by highly trained professionals. Who have vast knowledge of projects of all shapes and sizes.

If you require more advice and information about replacing or repairing your industrial roofing system, please get in touch with our commercial roofing contractors today.