Commercial Roof Survey: Reasons Why You Need One

At Roofing Consultants, we are proud to be one of the leading commercial and industrial roofing contractors in the North West and throughout the UK; offering a wide range of award-winning servicesOne of the most important services we provide is a free commercial roof survey, which allows our experienced roofing contractors to fully assess your roofing system; highlighting any defects and giving professional recommendations on how best to fix them.

But why should you think about getting a commercial roof survey? What are the advantages it can offer you?

What is a commercial roof survey?

A roofing survey is carried out by professional roofing contractors, and is used to determine the condition of your commercial roofing or industrial roofing system. It’s used to identify any problems before they become much bigger issues, including:

  • Ponding water – which can occur mainly on a flat roofing system. It’s a typical problem in areas that lack sufficient drainage, and that haven’t been maintained properly. These pools of water can collect on the surface of the roof and lead to costly damage.
  • Water leaks or ingress – is when water is getting into your building, mainly due to defects in the roofing system. Moisture getting inside could result in a costly and time consuming repair job if it’s left unchecked.
  • Wear and tear – can occur on any type of roofing system over a certain period of time. Such as damage from UV rays, rain, snow or even the wind. It’s best to get general wear and tear checked before it turns into more extensive damage.
  • Membrane tears and rips – are most common in a flat roof that hasn’t been created with resilient and durable materials. This type of erosion can also occur due to poor roof design, and the incorrect application of adhesive or mechanical fixings.
  • Points of failure – can occur on a roof at anytime, whether from holes, rotten roof decks, or exposed insulation. A professional commercial roof survey will locate these issues so that they can be addressed quickly.

The benefits of getting a roof survey

So, getting a professional roof survey can help to identify any of the above issues and more, and this will bring you a number of benefits, including:

  • Timely fixes – are always required to stop a small issue from turning into a much more expensive problem. And a roofing survey will offer you the timely solutions you need.
  • Purchase decisions – will be easier to make after carrying out a roof survey. If you’re looking to purchase a new commercial property, any faults can be found quickly. Meaning you’ll be able to better negotiate the price to accommodate any potential repairs.
  • Cost savings – are likely to result after getting a roof survey, as you’ll be made aware of any potential problems, and you’ll also be provided with solutions before further damage occurs.
  • Decision making – overall will be a lot easier after a survey. For example, if you’re hoping to install a new roof, knowing the condition of your current roof should be a top priority, as this will influence any decisions you make.

Even if you’re unsure as to what kind of roof survey you need, it’s always a good idea to get your commercial roofing or industrial roofing system fully checked over.

At Roofing Consultants, we have decades of experience providing high quality roof surveys and diagnostics. And our specially trained commercial roofing contractors can provide you with a free, transparent quote on any repairs you’ll need.

Arrange for your free commercial roof survey today, or contact us for more information.