Services For Roof Refurbishments

Our roofing team in the UK consists of disciplined members that possess training of the best standards. We have experience in safety, health, and also for installing waterproof systems on your roof. Here are some of the services that we offer to our clients:

Asbestos Overcladding

Asbestos Overcladding of a roof consists of a roof refurbishment procedure that reduces the site’s disturbance. This procedure also minimizes the expensive disposal of the current roof sheeting of asbestos, which must be sent to the licensed landfill.

With Asbestos Overcladding, the new roofing plan has insulation to the present regulations of a warm roof. It enables our clients to be more efficient with thermal. Both the new and present outer roof lights are renewable in the roofing plan for maximizing the natural daylight in the building.

Wall & Roof Cladding

Our contractors will install the roof cladding within the twin-skin, anti-condensation of single skin, and composite panel designs. They will do it by keeping your budget and building’s requirements in mind. You have full control over the designs and materials for wall and roof cladding.

Our clients can select from an array of different materials available for them for their commercial or even industrial roofing project. We also install a large collection of metal cladding systems. Our workers also provide a traditional finish through tile effects & support systems.

Felt Roofing

Our consultants can easily install an array of felt roofing systems leading in the market. They can do in materials like SBS, APAO, and APP. Felt roofing is present in both versions, i.e., complete cold applied and traditional torch-applied. It helps meet the client’s requirements in the site installation.

Commercial Roofing

Our contractors will handle your commercial roofing projects as well. Before we carry out your project, we will execute a professional roofing survey to examine your roof refurbishment’s specifications.

Some roofs possess the most difficult and uncomfortable access. But our team will easily work on it for you with the help of drone technology that shows 4K footage.

Liquid Applied Roofing

Our roofing consultants will install a ton of liquid applied roofing for your projects. It can either be in PMMA or Polyurethane compositions. This liquid coating system is applied to most of the substrates, such as mineral felt, PVC/TPO membranes, and mastic asphalt.

Gutter Lining System

Our contractors will help you install gutter lining and coating systems for fully refurbishing the present industrial and commercial rainwater guttering now. These seamless systems offer a water weight solution for the long term. It helps your building to stay watertight at all times in the future.

Roof Light Renewal

We offer installation of brand-new roof lights for both pitched and flat-roofed buildings. Our team will install it while your building is operational and also live at the same time. The installation of these new roof light plans is possible with the newest materials that are non-fragile. It helps design the roof’s fragility of our clients at the roof level.

More of What We Have to Offer

Our company doesn’t just offer these services, but many other services are available to our clients. If you are interested in our services, then you can reach out to us for detailed information. We always hope to deliver more than what our clients expect. Here are the other services: