Nationwide Roofing Projects & Services

We are one of the leading roofing companies in the United Kingdom. By working with a ton of clients all across the country, we possess an attractive portfolio that makes us reliable. We plan to use our experience and work ethic to carry out any roofing system that our clients desire. Our servicing includes works such as:

Metal Cladding

It consists of an aesthetic, functional, and robust material nature that is fitting for many industrial and commercial buildings. The materials for these metal cladding panels usually consist of steel and aluminum. With our area of expertise, we will score the right metal cladding fix for you. We will handle everything from roof overcladding to roof stripping to roof renewal for you.

Our team also helps in installing the latest steel trusses for the damaged roof areas. Plus, our wall cladding system meets all the new legislations of roofing. We install metal cladding of different types like: Asbestos overcladding, roof coverings of single skin, roofing systems of twin-skin, Sheeting removal of Asbestos roof, Composite panel roof system, and the list goes on.

Nationwide Roof Preservation

Roof maintenance is vital to minimize the water ingress issue inside the building and prolong your roof’s lifespan. Since most buildings lack roofing maintenance, they end up being victims of expensive repair bills and health and safety issues. Our consultants offer a wide range of packages for roof maintenance.

It includes both Reactive and planned roofing maintenance to accepted SLAs. We use our fleet of top-level and quality access vehicles. Highly trained roofing professionals operate these vehicles. Plus, they come equipped with repairing materials of the highest quality for better execution and performance.

Roof Lighting Renewal

Over the years, many industrial and commercial buildings have been left without any daylight. Its heavily damaged roof lights don’t allow any daylight at all. Natural doesn’t just enhance your team’s well-being and health. But it does an excellent job of decreasing the operational expenses incurred from artificial lighting usage.

Our team will help you install the newest roof lights to your pitched and flat-roofed buildings even when the building is operational and live. We utilize the new materials that are non-fragile for designing our fragility at the roof level.

Liquid Applied Roofing

Our company helps install a variety of liquid-applied roof systems in compositions of PMMA and Polyurethane. We apply this liquid coating system to most substrates, including the Mineral, felt TPO/PVC membranes and mastic asphalt. Our roofing team also integrates the insulation into the roof design for bringing the flat roof system up to the present warm roofing regulations.

Schemes of tapered insulation are also known to remove ponding water. Also, there is an effective discharge of rainwater present on the roof level. Plus, you can even add insulated roof lights for maximizing the daylight creeping inside the building.

Nationwide Services

Our team is always looking to exceed all of your expectations. We are diligent and don’t like causing delays with our projects. You can put your complete trust in us and our work ethic. We also have more services to offer, and they are as follows: