Roof Replacement Services

We are one of the best-accredited roofing teams in the UK. Our team consists of fully trained professionals that have been in the business for years now. Our new roofing work and systems guarantee up to 40+ years of duration. We have established a high client portfolio by working with different clients across the UK. Here are some of the services that you can expect from us:

Bespoke Roofing

Our design team that deals with Bespoke roofing will offer you tailored envelope solutions for your building. It can be for any plot particular applications. Bespoke roofing designs are executable by utilizing 3D modeling and CAD provision before the prototype’s construction for our customer’s approval.

All the created solutions are supported with the help of a complete onsite erection provision. Our Bespoke roofing design is fitting for:

  • Solutions are cost-effective.
  • One-off demand.
  • Small lead times.
  • Supply + Installation.

Nationwide Roof Maintenance

Roofing maintenance is mandatory to maximize the durability of your roof coverings. It also helps in reducing the danger of water ingress inside the building. Little roofing maintenance will cause safety and health issues accompanied by expensive repair bills for the damages.

Regular roofing maintenance will help save money and also protect the investment of the roof. Our consultants offer you an array of packages for roofing maintenance. They include reactive and planned roofing maintenance to accepted SLAs.

Single Ply Membrane Roof System

This system is cost-effective and comes with a roof overlaying material for refurbishing present flat roof systems. The single-ply roof systems are present for PVC, EPDM, Elastomeric felt, and TPO. They are torch applied, fixed mechanically, and also adhered to offer a long-lasting watertight fix.

These roof systems are present for you in a ton of colors and finishing. It is installable without or even without insulation for fitting our client’s budget requirements. Plus, we help top-quality import materials that are CE Certified directly from foreign manufacturers at super reduced pricings for bigger roofing plans.

Roof Light Renewal

Natural daylight is important for proper roof maintenance. Nowadays, multiple industrial and commercial buildings have roof lights that are heavily damaged. It prevents any natural lighting from getting inside the building. Natural daylight helps decrease the operational costs of using artificial lighting.

Our Roofing consultants help install brand-new roof lights for both pitched and flat-roofed buildings. They easily install it while the building is operational and live. We install these brand-new light plans by using the newest materials that are non-fragile for designing our frailty at the roof level.

Gutter Lining System

The majority of industrial and commercial rainwater plans can’t cope with the rainwater volume they face. Here, new extra rainwater outlets and gutter lining systems are required.

Our roofing team helps in installing smooth gutter coating and lining systems for fully refurbishing present industrial and commercial rainwater guttering. By installing these systems, you will have your watertight fix at the earliest and be ready for any weather.

Extra Facilities

These are just a small ounce of the other wide range of services that we offer here. Our company is all about authenticity, and we aspire to satisfy all of our customer’s needs at all times. You can easily reach out to us for fixing all of your roof damages and replacements at the lowest-priced plans. More of our servicing include:

  • Asbestos Overcladding
  • Roof + Wall Cladding
  • Felt Roofing Plan
  • Contractors of Commercial Roofing
  • Liquid Applied Roof Plan
  • Metal Cladding
  • Slating + Tiling
  • Commercial Green Roof System
  • Roof Surveys
  • Roof Safety System
  • Solar PV
  • Steelwork Erection
  • Cladding Coatings
  • The flooring of Balcony & Walkway