Roofing With RCG

Our roof specialists help our clients with both industrial and commercial buildings. We are proud of establishing a great client portfolio all across the UK. Our company has great accreditations by covering major lengths in the country. The roofing team members are fully trained and keep your health and safety in check. Our work with these new roofing systems guarantees over 40 years of life expectancy.

We offer service of all types but here are some that you might be interested in:

Felt Roofing System

The Consultants helps to install a lot of felt roofing materials leading in the market. They do it in materials like SBS, APAO, and APP materials. This roofing system is present in both the complete cold and conventional torch-applied versions for meeting our client’s site’s installation requirements.

The Solutions for felt roofing are present as a single layer overlaying system or a roofing build-up with full insulation for present warm roofing regulations. Plans of tapered insulation are introduced to the present flat roofing to create effective falls that reduce ponding water.

Cladding Coating

Wall cladding and the prefabricated metal-based roof offers a structurally sound, cost-effective, and flexible solution for multiple industrial and commercial buildings. One key advantage with sheets of wall cladding and the exterior roof is that they can be coated again for their entire lifetime. It will improve your building’s aesthetics and enhance protection as well.

We apply coatings in 1-or-2 applications using airless spraying systems for quick, clinical, and effective execution. Our team only utilizes reliable suppliers whose coatings pass the quality test accompanied by a long guarantee.

Slating & Tiling

Our team helps repair, maintain, and fully refurbishing roof coverings that are tiled and slated. The roof operatives don’t waste time and have experience with the slates showing good workmanship.

The slate installation takes place in line with the BS5534 requirements. Plus, all of our selected standard items will comply with the BS EN 12326 Part 1. Our team helps in putting a layout of the slate that lasts for a lifetime.

Steelwork Erection

Through our self-selected supply chain, our team can design, create, and install structural steel for the majority of the building applications. Starting from a complete reimbursement to truss strengthening programs on the onsite, our team has in-house experience for offering cost-effective fixes in the long run.

Our experienced surveyors also offer onsite fixes for treating and protecting ongoing corrosion. It helps in maximizing the steelwork’s longevity.

Commercial Green Roofing

We also help our clients design and install a variety of green roof systems. With this roofing system, you will notice many benefits such as 4% low heating bills in the building and holding up rainfall of up to 82%.

There is a reduction in local flooding with enhanced air quality. You will also notice an increase in the local habitat. Plus, the overall aesthetics of your building will see major improvements. The lifespan of your roof covering will increase as well.