UK Roofing Solutions For Every Major City

Our Roofing Consultants consists of a super disciplined workforce with top-level training in installing waterproof systems and is also inclusive of health issues and safety. We support all of our clients with major scale roofing work and reactive maintenance accepted to SLAs. Our workers use our very own fleet for accessing higher levels too. Plus, we also have roofing surveyors that help complete detailed roofing surveys via the newest diagnostic technology.

Here are some of the works that we do for our clients:

Asbestos Overcladding

In asbestos roofing overcladding, the brand-new roofing plan has insulation for present warm roofing regulations. It enables our clients to be more efficient with thermal. For increasing the natural daylight inside the building, both the new outer and present roof lights are renewable.

The overclad roof system is installable with an outer roof sheet of 0.7mm and roof lights that step safely. Our team use roofline systems for fitting it and is for safe maintenance in the future. Asbestos roof Overcladding is cost-effective, and it also reduces the site’s disruption.

Liquid Applied Roofing

We install various roofing systems that are liquid applied in compositions like PMMA and Polyurethane. Our contractors apply this liquid coating system over the substrates, and that includes Mineral felt recent membranes of PVC/PTO and mastic asphalt. Insulation is integrated inside the new roof design for bringing the flat roof system up the present warm roofing regulations.

Plans of tapered insulations are known for eradicating ponding water. Also, it effectively releases all the rainwater present from the roof level. Inside a new flat roof plan, insulated roof lights are installable for increasing the daylight entry inside the building.

Metal Cladding

Metal Cladding fits the majority of industrial and commercial property. Its material is aesthetical, fulfilling, functional, and strong. Through experience, our team can locate the right solution of metal cladding for you. We specialize in roof Overcladding, renewal, and stripping of roofs anywhere in the UK. Plus, we help design and also install newer steel trusses for damaged roof structures of our clients.

Our full range of the wall cladding mode helps in complimenting newer roof legislations. You will receive the best solution for our team. Also, as an NFRC member, our customers can make use of the Co-partnership warranty. It helps in covering materials + workmanship and is backed by insurance. So, if a problem arises during that period, our contractor will come to fix it for you free of cost.

Solar PV

It is a feasible investment for all industrial and commercial buildings. This installation will offer an impressive, long-lasting revenue stream accompanied by a reduction in the emissions of Clients CO2. Integrating a Solar PV inside a new roof plan with loading provisions and safety access on the site enhances the Solar PV’s investment. Plus, it also decreases the ROI.

The Solar PV is installable on most flat and pitched roof plans utilizing an array of special mounting brackets. Our team does the installation by utilizing high-quality solar panels for providing our clients with top-performing installation backed by leading guarantees in the industry.