UK’s Best Roofing Services

Roofing contractors support their customers with a national reactive type of maintenance and roofing projects on a major scale. They do it to acknowledged SLA Levels using our fleet of top-level permits. Our team garners support from roofing surveyors that can complete extensive roofing surveys by utilizing the newest technology diagnostic.

We offer a ton of services for all of our customers. Some of them include:

Roof Surveys

Apart from the roofing division, we also have highly qualified roofing surveyors. They utilize the access vehicles of the top level and the newest diagnostic equipment for the roofs. We also use drone technology for capturing 4K footage of buildings with difficult access. Our team is transparent and accurate with all the roof costs, including safety, health, and permit requirements for executing the project.

Here are the roof diagnostics and surveys that we currently offer to the public:

Commercial Green Roofing

Our team helps design and install an array of green roofing for all of our interested clients. It offers many benefits and holds up to rainfall of 82% and decreases up to 4% of the building’s heating costs. All of our manufacturers in green roofing has approval from the BBA and NFRC. Also, as NFRC’s member, our customers can use the Co-Partnership warranty that helps in covering materials and workmanship. Plus, it is backed by insurance.

Here are some of the benefits that you can expect from green roofing systems:

  • Decreases local flooding
  • Localized enhanced air quality
  • Boosts in local habitat
  • Decreased heating expenses
  • Enhanced building aesthetics
  • Elevated roof cover’s life cycle
  • Advertise top leading manufacturers

Slating & Tiling

We specialize in repairing, maintaining, and completely refurbishing tiled and slated roof coverings in the UK. The entire slate installation takes place with our slate operatives’ help in conformity to the BS5534 requirements. Plus, all the selected standard items should comply with the BS EN 12326 Part 1. A slate roof is going to last for a lifetime if the laying process is correct. And this is what we do for our clients as experienced roofing contractors.

Metal Cladding

It is possible to locate the best metal cladding fix for any type of industrial and commercial building. We will be able to find it for you through years of experience as roofing contractors. Our team handles everything from roof Overcladding to roof renewal to roof stripping anywhere in the UK. You can approach us to design and install steel trusses that are brand-new for damaged roof structures. Our wall cladding systems help in complimenting the latest roofing legislations.

Here are some of the different metal cladding forms that our team will help you install:

  • Asbestos Overcladding
  • Twin skin type of roofing systems
  • Single skin type of roof coverings
  • Micro-rib type of wall cladding
  • Composite pane type of roofing systems
  • Architectural panels that are site rolled
  • Sheeting removal of asbestos roof

Additional Services

You have to contact us to reap all the services that you want for your roof. We provide you a ton of other services as well and not just the ones mentioned above. Our team will do everything that we can in our power to make sure that your new roofing system is inclusive of health, aesthetics, safety, and durability. The other additional servicing includes:

  • Balcony + Walkway Flooring
  • Cladding Coatings
  • Steelwork Erection
  • Solar PV
  • Roof Safety System
  • Bespoke Roofing Plan
  • Nationwide Roofing Maintenance Plan
  • Single-Ply Membrane Type of Roofing
  • Replacement of Roof Lighting
  • Gutter Lining System
  • Liquid Applied Roof System
  • Commercial Roof Contractors
  • Felt Roofing Plan
  • Wall + Roof Cladding
  • Asbestos Overcladding