UK’s Roof Operation: 101

Our roofing company has an effective, disciplined work team. These members possess a high standard of training and take health + Safety measures into account. Our operations workforce receives support from the roofing surveyors’ team. They help finish detailed roofing surveys by utilizing the newest diagnostic machinery.

Some of the servicing that we offer to our clients include:

Gutter Lining System

Roof guttering ends up being one of the most common causes of failures in Industrial and commercial buildings. There is a lack of maintenance with the roof and the gutter joint. The rainwater discharge on your roof acts as a major threat.

Our team of Roofing consultants assists in installing smooth gutter lining and gutter coating provisions. It helps in fully refurbishing the current rainwater guttering in your building. It offers you a long-lasting watertight fix for your building.

Balcony + Walkway Flooring

Our company also assists in installing a variety of flooring systems of hard-wearing. Its design is waterproof and also supports slip resistance when you are walking on your walkway or balcony. We will execute this plan for you with minimal disturbance to your business by utilizing flooring technology of quick curing.

After we complete the work for you, you will be able to use the floor after an hour. We do it at the earliest with super minimum downtime. Plus, our floor systems are present in an array of colours. Plus, hard wearing with a non-slippery finishing helps create it.

Roof Safety Systems

Roof Safety Systems are necessary for complying with the H&S regulations. They help offer safety and compliant permit for proper roofing maintenance and other services at the roof level. The safety systems are present for all forms of roof coverings, including the cement sheeting of asbestos.

It provides demanding permit requirements as a result of its fragile nature. Here, roof safety systems may be the roof safety lines, roof light protection panels, and roof walkways. It helps in making the buildings of our customers H&S Compliant. Plus, external ladders are also installable here.

Solar PV

Installation of a Solar PV is a smart tactic for an industrial or commercial building. It helps in bringing long-lasting revenue and also decreases the CO2 emissions by the clients. Inserting Solar PV in a brand-new roofing plan while your loading facilities and a safe permit are on-site improves the Solar PV investment and decreases ROI.

Our team installs solar panels of tier-one for providing high performance and quality accompanied by an industry of leading guarantees. We will use special mounting brackets for installing the Solar PV on flat and also pitched roofing plans.