Protect Yourself From Asbestos With Overcladding

Most houses built before the nineties are likely to contain some asbestos. It is a building material used widely back then because it is durable, fireproof and a good insulator. Now, of course, it is banned from use.

The asbestos fibres are a known health risk but not something where you’ll see an immediate effect. But do not worry! As long as it is well-preserved and coated with paint or a sealant, Asbestos is not likely to be of any concern. Because the fibres are mostly tightly bound together in cement or some other substance.

It is when you disturb Asbestos through sanding, cutting, water blasting, drilling, or removing asbestos sheets, the fibres are at the risk of becoming airborne.

Impact on Health

Trader and Workers

The people who are most likely to contract an asbestos-related illness would be Tradesmen or Merchants. The electricians, carpenters, builders who are working on-site may or may not recognize Asbestos’ presence and might get exposed to the toxic substance.

Diseases Caused by Asbestos

Even though Asbestos is commercially useful, it is equally damaging to human health. These fine fibres, when inhaled, do not break down and continue to remain in the lining of the lungs.

Inhaling asbestos fibres can lead to diseases such as lung cancer and other such illnesses.

The statistics prove that the mineral kills almost five thousand labourers each year. These stats exclude the number of tradespeople who die every week due to past exposure. Asbestos is a threat not just to the workers but also to the people in and around the locality.

Asbestos and Smoking

There is ample data that people who smoke and are exposed to Asbestos daily are most likely to develop lung cancer. Smoking acts as a catalyst to the further development of the disease. The fine fibres of Asbestos give the harmful chemicals present in cigarette tobacco direct access to the bloodstream, which further magnifies the cancer-causing agents.

The Environmental Impact 

The effect of Asbestos goes far and beyond cancer and other health-related issues. The dust particles of Asbestos can pass through the air and seep into the water supply. It can also settle on the soil surface rather than being absorbed by it. 

The main problem with regards to Asbestos is the tiny size of its fibres. They are so small that the naked eyes cannot detect them. The small size turns out to be especially dangerous for miners who directly contact the mineral.


In the case that you’re a homeowner or run a business, you should always hire a professional to remove any sheeting before cladding. 

Asbestos overcladding allows you to stay safe from the dangers of asbestos without having to pay out for expensive roof replacements.