Understanding the Basics of Metal Roof Cladding

Whether it is your home or commercial building, you need a proper roof system to protect your family or business. A building structure is practically useless if it does not have an excellent roof to keep out the weather. It is where mental roof cladding can come in handy.

But if you have no prior experience with roof cladding, then you much be asking yourself, “What is roof cladding or is mental roof cladding effective and efficient?” continue reading this blog post to know more about these aspects. 

What is cladding?

Firstly, you must have some basics understanding of roof cladding before diving further. Roof cladding is the process of covering the roof with a waterproof layer. The purpose is to prevent the building up of moisture in the roof, thereby keeping the inside warm and dry. Generally, the materials used for cladding any building structure are durable, weatherproof, and provide adequate insulation against noise and temperature. 

Today, many construction contractors use different roof cladding materials, such as slate, clay, terracotta, asphalt, and concrete, among many others. However, the most suitable material for roof cladding is metal, which is also available in different types. The main reason why many people are turning to metal roof cladding is because of its durability and cost-efficiency.

Is Metal Roof Cladding Worth Installing?

As mentioned, metal cladding is one of the best options suitable for a wide range of roof cladding solutions. Its installation process is comparatively simple, which involves overlapping large corrugated metal sheets to prevent water from entering. Additionally, it allows coating or colouring to keep the metal cladding suited to the rest of your building.

An essential aspect of metal cladding is that it is significantly durable and lightweight. A well-installed system can last about 50 years, even with minimal maintenance.

Metal roof cladding has another utility that makes it the most suitable option for covering your roof. For instance, if your house roof has built up a considerable amount of asbestos, then metal cladding will be the best cost-effective solution. Additionally, metal cladding is a versatile method. Apart from the roof, you can also use metal cladding with other building surfaces, such as wall coverage.

How Much Does Metal Cladding Cost?

There is no straightforward answer to this question. The reason is that several factors come into play in determining the price of metal cladding, as discussed below:

Material Type

Metal cladding covers a wide range of materials, such as copper, zinc, steel, and aluminum. So the most significant factor that can affect the cost of metal cladding is the type of material you choose. Among these related materials, copper and zinc are the most expensive as they provide more aesthetic appealing. But if you are for less expensive material, then you should consider steel and aluminum.

Size of the Roof

The size of the roof is another factor that can affect the cost. It means you should expect more to pay for a more extensive roof size.

Asbestos Removal

If your roof has already accumulated a significant amount of asbestos, then you will need to remove them before the cladding can continue. So hiring a professional asbestos remover can add cost.


If you are hiring a cladding service from a far distance, then there will be transportation charges.


To sum up, metal roof cladding is one of the most suitable options when it comes to protecting your roof. It is not only durable but also a cost-effective solution. However, it would be best to never carry out roof cladding without seeking a professional cladding service. In this way, you can reduce costs and have a quality roof cladding service.