What is Roof Cladding?

Roof cladding involves the application of a waterproof layer which is primarily installed to prevent moisture build-up in your roof’s surface and within the property itself. Many of the different types of roof cladding options are extremely aesthetically pleasing and add significant value to your property through both its renewed appearance and the increased water-tightness of the building.

There are several different materials which cladding contractors can use in cladding your roof, including concrete, asphalt, clay, slate, and terracotta. At Roofing Consultants however we find the most suitable material for British commercial roof cladding is metal, which often comes in the form of aluminium or steel panelling.

Metal cladding is a great option for a range of different roof cladding solutions, and every system we install is fully compliant with the very latest roofing regulations.

Installation of Industrial Roof Cladding

The installation of metal cladding is relatively straightforward, and involves overlapping large sheets of corrugated metal to form a waterproof seal. This style of cladding is extremely durable and lightweight, and even with minimal maintenance a properly installed system of metal cladding can last nearly 50 years.

To keep your metal cladding in keeping with the rest of your property the panels can also be coated or coloured to your specifications, and its flexible nature makes it extremely suitable for problematic areas such as curved roofs.

There are many situations where metal cladding is by far and away the most sensible option in covering your roof. If you have a significant amount of asbestos located in your roofing system then metal overcladding is a cost-effective solution which is often used as an alternative to expensive asbestos removal.

If there is no choice but to remove an asbestos riddled roof then metal cladding still remains the best way forward when we look at finishing options.

We have stripped and rebuild many commercial roofs, and we find that metal cladding looks and works fantastically when utilised in conjunction with everything from single and twin-skin roof coverings through to composite panel roof systems, and site-rolled architectural panels.

This versatile method of cladding is also eminently suitable for wall coverage in the form of micro-rib wall cladding, allowing you to keep a more uniform appearance to your building’s exterior surfaces.

At Roofing Consultants we always ensure we recommend the most appropriate and reliable roof cladding systems for your commercial property needs. As a member of the NFRC all of our clients can take advantage of a co-partnership warranty – an independent guarantee of both our workmanship and the materials used.

This warranty is insurance backed, and enables you to acquire peace of mind knowing that your investment is as protected as your property under a brand new metal clad roof.

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