What Kind of Things Will Be Highlighted in a Roof Survey?

If you are planning on buying a new property then it is highly recommended that you have your roof surveyed. In fact, even if you haven’t recently acquired real estate and have owned your property for some time, a roof survey will save you a lot of money and distress later on down the line.

A roof survey is perhaps the most important examination of a property following a full home-buyers survey. You can have these both done separately or as a complete service, that is completely up to you. Although, it is a wise move to do both separately so that you spread the cost and use a dedicated professional for each element. In this post we are going to highlight some of the things that will be highlighted in a professional roof survey.

Roof Covering

First and foremost, a roof survey will inspect your roof covering and check to see how old it is. From this, an expert will be able to predict your roof’s longevity and compare it to the condition of other similar properties. This part of the survey will also highlight any suspected leaks and potential repairs that need to be made. If your property has a flat roof then the survey will also check the decking for soft spots.

Roof Structure

Next up is the structure of the roof with both external and internal examination. Here a professional roof surveyor will check for roof spread and roof sag, as well as any issues with condensation. Ventilation, wall plates, tie bars and internal lighting conditions are all features that will be inspected in a roof survey.

Gutters and Rainwater System

Your building’s rainwater system is extremely important to the overall health and safety of your property. A survey will assess which type of system is currently in place and advise of any better alternatives. You will also be made aware of any potential problems, damages, cracks or blockages. These can all lead to leaking joints and seepage elsewhere so it is vital you have this checked out. Leaks can cause serious structural damage if left unrepaired for a long period of time.

Tile Condition

A professional roof survey will also check the condition of your roof tiles and mortar. Roof tiles play a huge role in your rainwater system as they allow the flow of water into the gutters. Any cracks, breakages or missing tiles will cause water to leak into your building and leave the property exposed to the elements. Again, this can cause a lot of heartache and unnecessary costs later on down the line.

Windows and Skylights

If your property has a roof window or skylight then it is important that you have these checked too.  A roof survey will examine the quality of the install and check for signs of cracked glass or fogging. A skylight can be an extremely attractive feature, but only if it is installed and maintained properly. The only way to truly tell if your windows are up to scratch is to hire a roof surveyor.

Chimney Stacks

This is just as, if not more, important as checking your roof windows; because loose chimney stacks can fall and pose a huge risk to those in and around your building. A roof survey will check the condition of your brickwork and mortar, as well as identify any loose chimney pots. The type and condition of the flashings are also taken into consideration.

That’s just the start too! Much more technical aspects are taken into consideration when it comes to a thorough roof examination. Contact RCG today for more information on our professional roof surveying service.